Digital marketing encompasses a huge range of different techniques and technology. The good news is, it can be powerful and relatively cost-effective. The bad news is, it is not a magic pill for making your business successful: it can be time consuming and people can often get caught up in trying to improve their digital reach… ask yourself, is 500 Facebook followers the same as 500 customers?

At Satsuma, we will help you to include digital marketing as part of your overall marketing portfolio. We undertake projects to set-up and maintain the following digital platforms:


We will always recommend utilising WordPress for new websites but are happy to improve your current website using your current content management system (CMS).

For new WordPress websites we will help you to…

  • Choose a host
  • Register your domain
  • Set-up WordPress and install a range of useful plug-ins to give you extra functionality
  • Set-up and adapt a theme (the look-and-feel of your website)
  • Get a well-designed core website up and running as quickly as possible, including, (if required) content creation

For existing websites we can…

  • Audit your existing website and report back on the easiest wins for improvements
  • Add and maintain your e-commerce requirements
  • Create new and engaging content
  • Provide admin services


Blogging on your website, or even independently of your website, is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. It’s also good way of getting achieving good search engine optimisation (SEO). We will assist you with:

  • Blog set-up
  • Content creation…
  • …or if you prefer, to create your own content we will review and edit.
  • Image or video generation

Social Media

If it’s done well, a good social media presence can be the primary means by which you engage with your customers.

  • Set-up and optimisation
  • Account consolidation
  • Content creation
  • Follower interaction

Email Marketing

Done badly, email marketing creates spam. Nobody likes spam (the junk email. We’re quite partial to the mostly meat product). Do it well, and show your customers that you respect their privacy and it can be a great way of keeping your clients up-to-date with your latest developments and new products.

  • Set-up and subscriber forms
  • Template creation
  • Content creation
  • Market segmentation and A/B testing
  • Lead generation

We are happy to work with a range of email marketing software including MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and ClickDimentions.

Digital Advertising

There’s a time and a place for digital advertising. We will generate engaging and appealing advertising to show-case what your company can offer and we will help you to define your online advertising strategy to ensure you get a return on your investment.

  • Social Media
  • Banner adverts including animated adverts
  • PPC (pay-per-click) including Google AdWords