It made me look

After a hefty but enjoyable meal at the in-laws, we took our usual route back from Wakefield to Leeds one Sunday afternoon. But this wasn’t any normal Sunday afternoon as something caught my eye as we drove past Duke Street.

This….made me look, and put a smile on my face.

There’s clearly some construction work going on at Munro House, but Cafe 164 has managed to use this to their advantage. This is when advertising works. It was a simple, no-nonsense, straight talking post. It caught my attention, and I’m sure it would have caught many others’.

I couldn’t resist. I had to tweet them and applaud them for their efforts.  And their engagement with their customers are great too..

We’re all aware customer engagement is key if you want to be successful in social media. By engaging with your customers, you are actually supporting their journey from start to end. It’s about having a two-way-communication with them. It’s also about building trust and creating long-term customer loyalty.

Lots of big brands do it well on social media now. But ask me a few years ago, and I would have had a long list for you.

For now, I’ll just be planning my next trip to Cafe 164. Anyone up for some coffee?